Week 19 // Entry003

Cant really describe how Im feeling 1 day after quantum leaping. Been studying on how to proceed in this situation and acknowledge the benefits of releasing these seeds. I cant much make sense of anything right now. I feel a new sense of clarity on a level Ive never experienced before. I feel happier and more excited about the present. Im in a better mood with a new attitude. Waiting and watching for the results and watering the seeds is my main focus so I dont miss out.

Im seeking growth within my self and my business. Im looking to actualize some expectations and speak into existence a new reality. One where I can effect change in my life and the lives of others positively. Im focusing on what I can do now and remaining open to allowing what I can do to grow and outgrow my present capabilities. Whether than means the focus of my business changes or it just becomes more specialized, im prepared for it. In attempt to reprogram my subconscious and reconfigure my beliefs and behavior I have to stay aware of spontaneous reactions, self talk and even uncouscious absorption of information that have been settling me into an unwanted reality. Knowing you shape your reality is how the shift starts. I am presently under the impression that I have the power to alter my reality in my favor to acheive the desired results and become the desired outcome.

Because I dont want to be too hasty and keep insicive and alert, I plan to use the energy within my agitation to a concentrated end versus restlessness. Think and talk with more purpose and direction and see myself as having embarked on the journey to that end expecting new, more, and better to come into contact with me more frequently. Today is already better than yesterday and I eager to enjoy the rest of it


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