Week 19 // Entry002

I’ve got some expensive habits that do not match my income. Smoking was never a part of my surroundings growing up. My parents didn’t smoke when I was a kid. I had uncles and aunts who did but it wasn’t around a time I was exceptionally impressionable. I didn’t smoke until around 10th grade. I was 18 and was introduced to pot.

The kids around me started smoking pot until almost everyone I associated with did. I smoke pot for six years since and then quit once i was no longer associating with the same people. No need to keep their habit, you know? But then recently, as I tend to do, i began exploring cigars.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do not smoke cigarettes. And I am aware of the connection between cigars and cigarettes. Im telling you I smoke them though. I was interested in cigars around the era of pot smoking but never bought one. Just the cigarelllos to roll blunts. There were a few times Ive smoked them like cigars. There were even a few black n milds. But the thing is, which I learned in my interest in cigars within the last two months, is the tobacco in gas station cigarellos cannot be traced. The wrapper leaves are almost always paper. And the filler tobacco has similar chemicals as cigarettes in them.

My first actual cigar was handed to me and smoke with my dad or my uncle. It was alone out of curiousity. I had an Acid Blondie cigar

I can’t hype up the cigar or review it from memory but it was a mild and short smoke. It didnt taste like anything. I continued looking into cigars and cigar reviews and articles and soon aquired a list of cigars I would like to try.

Since that first cigar Ive had enough I could count on my hands still. There was the Amendola Family Cigar, the Rum Runner, Davidoff mini cigarellos, Acid C-note mini cigars, and, my go to, the Tabak Especial. I suppose I could do some cigar reviews here. I have yet to smoke an actual cigar that isnt flavored yet. But I’ll start once Ive had the one I consider to be quality and once it’d be plausible when compared to my income. I make my money but cigars can wait


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