Week 19 // Entry001

There’s a certain power to the ability to create. Illustration is a form of visual communication. It’s artistic expression no different from painting. Both traditional and digital artistic expression are largely beneficial and assets to the livelihoods of the everyday person as well as the business world.

The ability to create should not be dismissed or buried. It should be given every opportunity to flourish. It should be praised and put to good use. It should be nurtured to develop, sharpen, and be prepared for future use. It is a need.

We need to be supporting creatives in every way possible ontop of the options made available. Both the creation and the purchasing of art is therapeutic, lucrative for both parties, and key for expression. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be exercised. The creative that exercises with no support is to be commended. One who is capable of captivating while feeding his curiosity, building his brand, and growing in understanding… undaunted in spite of his very surroundings working against him… is truly a force worthy of renown.

Yet, if this creative is never acknowledged and he is aware that his work is watched, it could be extremely weary work. The stress and the appearance of doing the same things expecting different results along with the idea that enduring to overcome is really just delusion and fooling oneself could force resentment. An idle audience prepared to see an artist with skill continue or come to an end is toxic. I don’t want that kind of audience. I’d rather be the force worthy of renown with an audience that is a family of supporters and believers


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