Week10 // Entry001

I’ve noticed my power is a reality more and more. Whether I see it via dreams, in response to my work, or through confirmation of other people. God gives us all power, authority, capability, and security when we make it our priority to keep in Him.

When uncertainty becomes prevalent you can be reassured when you see you still have authority over your situations. I’m am learning to be open to allowing myself to be present in situations where I may have less or even no control. But I understand also that by seeking mastery and growing in understanding of self that self mastery could grant me the power and capability for control even in these situations too.

You cannot honestly come about new situations within your comfort zone. Things naturally begin to appear redundant. To allow yourself to be open to life sending you new challenges and engage them takes confidence in your power. And all the same, confidence in God’s power when it becomes your job to be humbled by Him.

I understand that lack of hope is a lack of faith in God. I’ve said this a lot in my life. Writing it out here I can that uncertainty and lack of hope are one in the same. We arent to depend on our strength but the source of our strength. For this reason it appears that we may be without control and vulnerable at times when we are being humbled. But our jobs come with the duty of being challenged to endure, while depending on the source(God) and not ourselves to regulate any and all prospective/potential pride.

For these reasons our position is not easy. But it is all the more easier once comprehended to a degree that affords you to see and prepare for such things. Active vigilance. I imagine that if you process everything through an eye that sees God being priority and God showing you something important and God allowing you to be challenged for growth then you could certainly master challenges instead of them mastering you


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