Week 31 // Entry001

I can’t forget about my blog fans. I won’t leave you out. 

I’m beginning to see that my full purpose may not be just to illustrate. I could be purposed for a thing I haven’t even been exposed to yet. There is plenty I’m both learning and refreshing myself about within the illustration field to this day. And I notice I’m a fan of that. A fan of knowing there is more. A fan of learning. I like feeling like I’m growing and I also love the feeling of becoming more of a powerhouse. Last night I had to remind myself that my youth means that there is all the more chance I can and will outdo those before me. Its not ‘you could aim to be here’ anymore. I can grasp what and where my forerunners are and fill their shoes. Nothing is impossible. Eventually I will be the leader. The legend. The figure head.

I look forward to the day I’m on the couch, accomplished, in my own home. Having long since completed the trivial workload I’ve been trying to get off/out of me for the past 3-4 years. I may even be to the point I’m able to pull that much work off within a month. I can see it. I feel and think it sometimes, like dejavu but reversed. A premonition of a taste in your mouth that you will one day experience. The day you can say you’ve overcome and the words and their flavor, and the whole moment and atmosphere, trigger that dejavu like experience.

We’ll get through all the uncomfortable things. All the hidden things will be revealed and all the troubles will fade and we will get our time to sit in the sun secure, debt free, and care free later on. All of us. We will all overcome our ‘now’ and be chilling ‘later’. If we focus on overcoming ‘now’ we can easily arrive to ‘later’. Don’t be distracted by your now and don’t forget about later. Just because you forget about tomorrow doesn’t mean Earth stops spinning. The world goes on without us. We can’t make the news sitting around watching it. 


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